Gale Courses Have Arrived in Drummond!


The libraries of the Northern Waters Library Service are thrilled to tell you about our subscription to GALE COURSES. This service will enable you to take classes in anything from…basic accounting to romance writing…web design to conversational French…job search skills to mindfulness and meditation. The offerings are…considerable!

All you need to sign up and take these courses is…a library card! Some of these classes are designed to function as continuing ed credits for educators and health care workers. Employers may accept some of these classes as continuing ed credits or evidence of expertise in various computer programs, such as Excel. If you are past having to worry about any of that, consider taking a class in something you’ve always been interested in…say, drawing or writing your life story or learning a language. Why wouldn’t ya?
We did mention that all you need is a library card…yes?

Here’s the Northern Waters Library Service specific link to the Gale Courses catalog. Take a look and sign up for something today!

Go to the link to begin your "Free" course today!