Art Exhibit: Through the Tru Lens, Photography by Jeremy Oswald

A Photo Exhibit of Local Visual Phenomena

January 15th – May 4th

Thru the Tru Lens, New Photography Show opens January 15 at Drummond Public Library

Thru the Tru Lens, a dramatic look at natural phenomena, a photography exhibit by Jeremy Oswald, opens at the Drummond Public Library on Tuesday, January 15 . The opening event takes place from 3 to 5 p.m. Oswald will present a unique program on the how and why of his photographic journey at 4 p.m. He will be on hand to answer specific questions about his techniques and approach.

Oswald grew up in Traverse City Michigan and attended Northland College, majoring in Sociology. He lived in Chicago for eight years, working in the film industry on such films as The Negotiator, Return to Me, and My Best Friend’s Wedding. In the process he honed his film craft, becoming a member of the Directors Guild of America.

“Yes, it was the lake”, admits Jeremy, “that drew me back to Chequamegon Bay. I finally landed at the Bayfield Chamber and Visitors Bureau managing all the events including Apple Festival and the Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race.”

Jeremy lives in Washburn with partner, Jenny Rogers. Oswald is very involved in and cares deeply about his community and the people who live here. He serves on both the Washburn City Council and the Bayfield County Board of Supervisors. Oswald said, “ It is a great responsibility and I am humbled by the trust the community has placed in me.”

A Renaissance Man of the Bayfield Peninsula, Oswald also developed a freelance business, First Click Photography. He described his business as “a versatile photographer for rent. If you need a profile picture, a senior photo, or something to add to a wall in your home, I am ready to create.” His photographs have been featured in the Ashland Daily Press.

”I like the combination of art and science that exists in photography, and the challenges that come out of that. “ explained Jeremy. “Photography captures light and a moment. Photographers manipulate that into art.
In my work I want to capture something that many people have seen and suggest that they look at it in another way. We are all unique creatures on this earth and photography is one easy way to recognize that, and hopefully realize that we do share a love of the same thing. I don’t have a lot of rules in my work, but I do know that if someone has taken a shot, I am not as excited to do it as well. Capturing light, sharing that image, the challenge of getting that shot, finding that moment, that is photography for me!”

His formal background in photography began with classes from Don Albrecht at Northland College during the film era. He since has switched to digital. Recently, Oswald attended workshops with Bryan Hansel in Grand Marais, MN. Reading about photos and looking at them and learning about photographers continues to inform his work.

The “Thru The Tru Lens” exhibit showcases over 25 photographs by this accomplished photographer. Lake Superior, Chequamegon Bay, the forests and streams paint an endless opportunity to capture something very new through the lens of a risk talking photographer. In this collection, you can actually feel the cold of the big lake, see the spray of tumbling waterfalls, and smell the pine forests He pushes the boundaries of color in his work. Sometimes the magic he wants to bring out takes that artistic shove.

The public is invited to view the show in an exhibit space that is part of a beautiful Wisconsin Public Library located in Drummond. This photography exhibit will hang in the library through May 4.
— Mimi Crandall, for Bottomline News
Photographer Jeremy Oswald shown on location at Twin Falls in Port Wing. Photo by Andrew Okey.

Photographer Jeremy Oswald shown on location at Twin Falls in Port Wing. Photo by Andrew Okey.