Behavior Policy

At the Drummond Public library we want patrons to have an enjoyable experience and to feel welcome.
Patrons of all ages use the library for a variety of things. 
We expect everyone, regardless of age to respect others who are using the library, and to be courteous at all times.

There is a children's area that has toys and puppets.
Children may use these items, and it is understood that the noise level will be kept at a reasonable level. 

While using the computers, please realize that there are others very close to you and your behavior will impact them.
Appropriate use of the computers is expected at all times. 

Out of respect for other patrons, cell phone use is not allowed in the library.
If you need to use your cell phone please step outside, or ask to use the meeting room if it is available. 

Please see library staff if you are having difficulties while at the library.  We will do our best to assist you and to make your library visit as enjoyable as possible.